These are the eyebrow bars in London to visit for the best 'hot girl summer' brows of your life

We’ve never appreciated brow bars more than we do now, following three long lockdowns. Each time, we were forced to take on the task of taming our brows ourselves as salons remained closed, and it’s safe to say we weren’t particularly successful.[Check Info]

There's no denying the transformative effects of a professional brow treatment

There's no denying the transformative effects of a professional brow treatment: shaped just right, they'll frame your features while adding structure and definition to your face. While a classic shape and tint is always a worthy booking, [Check Info]

Jigna Soni Founder of Emebrald Brows 14 Hay Hill

“I came to this country in 2004 and worked with a well-known brow bar for 10 years. In 2013, I thought I had enough experience to start something for myself. I was in one room in Chelsea on the King’s Road. I left that premises just when Covid hit, but now I’m happy in Mayfair and busy. I get clients from word of mouth, loyal clients of 10 years, overseas clients, celebrities. I know threading from India, the technique, but I learned skills over here. “I've been in Mayfair for more than a year. I love the crowd and the vibe when I go out. It’s a niche area and my clients love it. I'm going to start microneedling and hydrafacials, along with brows - so ) just a few specialised treatments.”

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